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  Registration Steps

STEP 1 - Register Head of Family (green button)
STEP 2 - A unique Family number will be given after successfull registration
STEP 3 - Use the Family number to register family members (blue button)
Kindly register family members at the same time as Head of family to obtain accurate ID numbers and to facilitate identification of mehram.

Register Head of Family

Register Family Member

  Haj Timeline
 DescriptionHijri DateEnglish Date
1Registration23-Moharram 14459-Aug-23
2Deposit & Payment by01-Rajab 144511-Jan-24
3Document Submission & Final payment15-Ramazan 144524-Mar-24
4Arrival Madinah25-Zilqadah 14451-Jun-24
7Depart Jeddah16-Zilhajj 144522-Jun-24
Prior registration with Sigatul Haj is compulsory
Sigatul Haj Website
Click on for more information
Here is a checklist to help you organise your documents correctly:
Original Valid Passport
For unused US Passport - please provide previous passport
For unused Foreign Passport - please provide previous passport to show entry into USA
2 Passport sized photographs as per specifications
Copy of Green Card - if applicable
Original Meningitis/Vaccination card/certificate
Original flue shot certificate
Proof of MEHRAM: Please submit only copies
Original Green Safai Chithi
Cashiers Cheque of ......... per person in favour of Faiz-e-Husaini (America), to be given to the respective director by ..........
1 Draft
Please Note : Original Tickets/E-Tickets and 1 Draft will be provided by Faiz-e-Husaini.

Important: All Moomenaat will require a -Proof of Mehram- of mehramdaar traveling along with them (eg: Marriage certificate or birth certificate) except those over the age of 45, who will require a notarized letter from their mehramdaar allowing them to proceed for HAJ.

Valid passport for 6 months from the date of arrival in Jeddah with TWO empty pages for the VISA (Facing each other).

Please make sure these pages are for visa and not for amendments or any other purpose.
Make sure Passports are signed.
Only if applicable, send previous passports.
If unused US Passport - please provide previous passport
If unused Foreign Passport – Please provide previous passport(s) to show entry into USA.

Two Photos must be on Photo Paper with white background and exact size of 1.5” x 1.5”
One has to be pasted on the form and the second one to be clipped with the form and NOT STAPLED.
Please do exactly as directed since it is the main reason for VISA delays and rejections.

Proof of Residence

Non-US citizens should send COPIES of their U.S. Permanent Resident Green Card, or other supporting documents for proof of legal residence and/or legal entry (I-94, I-131 etc)
Foreign students must send a letter from their School / University.

Vaccination for Meningitis

Toll free number: 1-888-499-7277
Please collect the Vaccination Certificate.
Original flue shot certificate required
Other Vaccines may be required

Every year as a Khidmat to mumineen who are going to perform Haj, Faiz-e-Husaini (America) provides a Jhollu (Bag) which contains necessary items.

For Gents

  •  2 Kankar Theli
  •  Mansak (Hafti)
  •  White Sling Jhollu
  •  Belt for Check-in Bag
  •  Bag to keep shoes
  •  Ahram Towel
  •  Ahram Cloth

For Ladies

  •  2 Kankar Theli
  •  Mansak (Hafti)
  •  White Sling Jhollu
  •  Belt for Check-in Bag
  •  Bag to keep shoes
  •  Rida
  •  2 Blouses
  •  Maqno (Scarf)

All Hujjaj applicants need to live in USA, for Faiz-e-Husaini (America) to accept application.
Faiz-e-Husaini will process visas for mumineen with Green Safai Chitthi.
Mumineen requiring other visas need to get the visas before submission of the passport to the faiz.
Only send COPIES of all your supporting documents, except Original Visa Forms, Passport(s) and Meningitis/Vaccination Certificate.
Original tickets/e-Tickets with bookings will be provided by Faiz.
THE UNIFIED AGENTS OFFICE cashiers check along with passport and visa will be sent back to you. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CARRY THE CHECK WITH YOU TO SAUDI ARABIA, as the government will collect it at the Airport.
The above requirements may change, due to the requirement changes made by the Goverment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the Saudi Embassy.
All the documents must be handed over to your respective Faiz-E-Husaini directors.
For questions please feel free to contact your respective Directors.